Super Ringmaster C/L Kit

Classic Matt Kania designed model plane  from the 1950's. Redesigned from tip to tail.

 Super Ringmaster C/L

Super Ringmaster C/L

Some modelers may say that Control Line flying has been replaced by the large variety of Radio Control models. And, who can argue with the popularity of RTF, ARF, Rx-Ready, BNF, etc., etc. These are beautiful good flying airplanes and I salute the engineering and the production techniques that have produced these aircraft. I myself own and fly a variety of these airplanes. However, I am also an old school model builder who enjoys gluing sticks together, creating a flying machine and feeling the satisfaction when viewing my latest finished project.
— Robert B Clauss
Super Ringmaster C/L kit

Super Ringmaster laser-cut model kit 

Control Line

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  • Length 29 inches
  • Wingspan 42 inches
  • Wing area 385 square inches
  • Flying weight 26.8 ounces
  • Glow or Electric power (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Control Line  U-control


  • Parts interlock for fast, easy and rugged construction
  • Selected, contest grade Balsa wood
  • Laser-cut air frame parts including trailing edges and spars
  • Easy to assemble, interlocking, laser-cut wing parts
  • Laser-cut micro-lite plywood bulkheads
  • Lead out line kit
  • Bell crank and push rod
  • Wire landing gear with wheels and collars
  • Nylon hinges
  • Complete hardware kit
  • Shaped balsa cowl
  • Decal Insignia
  • Full size wing blueprint
  • Easy to follow, illustrated instruction manual

A brand new take on a classic Control Line Model. A distinctively beautiful model famous for consistent performance and easy flying. Micro-scale models is producing this kit in association with Bob Clauss who was a designer at the former Sterling model co. The symmetrical wing is one of Bob’s original designs. The wing ribs and spars are laser-cut and interlock to make the wing very rugged and easy to assemble. The trailing edges also interlock with the wing ribs. For the builder this means the wing is self squaring and does not have to be built over the full size print. Full size blueprint is included in the kit .

This model kit includes structural parts to build either a Glow or electric powered model. Both models have been flight tested by Bob and fly beautifully. Included in the kit is a list of electronic components needed to build the electric version. A programmable timer is used to select flight time. Simply hold the button down and the prop will spin one revolution for each minute added to the flight time. Once you reach the desired number of minutes release the button and the motor will turn on. When your time has nearly expired the timer will give you warning by surging the motor. This lets you know it is time to get the model strait and level and prepare for landing.

This completely laser-cut kit builds a glow or electric powered flying model. The Super Ringmaster uses a .19 – .35 glow engine or a Park 480 or equivalent electric motor.  ( engine/motor not included in kit )


The Super Ringmaster kits are packed full of time saving design features. All of the structural pieces in this kit are laser-cut. The Super Ringmasters wing has been designed to be rugged, easy to assemble and balanced. The 3/16" wing spars are laser-cut, numbered and notched to interlock with the laser-cut wing ribs. The trailing edges then interlock with the wing ribs squaring the wing.  All opposing wing parts are cut from the same piece of balsa wood to ensure the wing is balanced. Every laser-cut piece in these kits is marked making assembly a snap.

Electric C/L built by Justin-Troy Benham

Glow C/L framework 

Electric C/L framework

Glow & Electric C/L

Glow C/L

 Electric C/L

Electric C/L

Glow C/L framework 

Electric C/L framework

Electric C/L cowl off